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Prima 100 Series Violin Outfit Prima 100 Series Violin Outfit Ref: Prima100ViolinOF

A good quality violin outfit without being too expensive. These instruments are free playing which makes for easy sound production and encourages most students in the early stages of violin playing.

Each and every instrument benefits from our careful set up and is ready to play when you receive it.

Sizes available are from 1/32 through to 4/4 including 1/10. We keep the full size in stock, and other sizes we get to order usually within 7 days. Click for Big Pic

Price: £133.99

If you want to know whats involved in a good set up, please go to our section on string instrument set up String Instrument set up

Hand carved Solid Maple back, sides and neck
Solid Spruce Top
Inlaid Purfling
Maple Bridge
Ebonised Hardwood Fingerboard
Ebony Pegs
Standard SteelStrings
Ebony Pegs
Carbonfibre Tailpiece with inbuilt adjusters
Blue Styrofoam Case with 2 x Backpack Straps, full length Pocket, Secure Handle, Reflective Safety Styling

Hardwood Bow with ebony frog

Also included is some Rosin for the bow and a leaflet on looking after and getting the most from your violin.

Prima 150 series Violin Outfit Prima 150 series Violin Outfit Ref: Prima150 Violin

The P-150 violin is very similar to the P-100 with the addition of an ebony fingerboard. The body of the instrument is the same and gives the same easy sound production which helps encourage students in the early stages of violin playing. We like the ebony fingerboard because we can easily alter it's shape if necessary during set up.

Each and every instrument benefits from our careful set up and is ready to play when you receive it. Our setting up of even student instruments is very extensive and really does make a difference to both the sound produced and the comfort and ease of playing.
 Click for big pic

Price: £151.99


Prima 200 violin outfit Prima 200 violin outfit Ref: Prima 200 Violin

Prima 200 Violin Outfit.
This violin has some advantages and upgrades over the P-100 model. The fingerboard is solid ebony which allows a luthior to do the final shaping, and also to more easily reface the surface if wear occurs. The varnish is toned down in colour as well as having a satin glow rather than a full gloss, the strings are also upgraded and give a darker sound.  Click for Big Pic

Price: £184.00

  • Available in sizes 4/4-1/8
  • Hand carved maple and spruce, with inlaid purfling.
  • Ebony Fingerboard, top-nut & Teka model chinrest
  • Prima200 hardwood octagonal bow with ebony frog
  • Prima200 Styrofoam violin case with shoulder straps, full-length music pocket and protective blanket.
  • Metal alloy tailpiece with four integral adjusters
  • Fitted maple bridge.
  • Shaded varnish of a golden-brown colour with slight antiquing

Loreato Violin Outfit Loreato Violin Outfit Ref: Loreato Violin

This violin has a nice even slightly matt varnish.
The flamed maple timbers used on the back and sides make this instrument look like something much more expensive.
Fingerboard and pegs are of ebony and good quality
The tail piece is metal with integral adjusters.
Comes with an oblong case and Brazilwood bow
The sound of this instrument is very good in its price range,
this is due to accurate manufacture and strings that are good quality and suit this violin.

Price includes full workshop set up.
Also Free Carriage in the UK 

Price: £255.00


Westbury Violin (outfit) Westbury Violin (outfit) Ref: WV1

This violin is well made with very carefully worked dimensions and a good sound and response. The case, although not oblong in design is very strong and is designed to allow the violin to sit on its rim or edges so that the back of the violin is suspended. The bow is a good quality carbon fibre or if you prefer, you can have a wood bow of similar quality. We usually fit these up with Dominant strings which is included in the price because we feel that upgrading the strings is necessary for this instrument to reach its potential. Other good quality strings can be fitted upon request.

Sizes available are 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 . We keep the full size (4/4) in stock but can get the smaller sizes to order within just a few days.

Accurate making and dimensions
Light Golden brown Spirit Varnish
Ebony Pegs
Ebony Fingerboard
Ebony Top nut and Saddle
Alloy Tailpiece with inbuilt fine adjusters
14" back length

Included in the outfit is:
Carbon fibre bow
Tough dart shaped hard case (Ply construction)
Upgraded strings

Our price includes a full workshop set up. This is done in our own workshops by a highly experienced luthior and is very detailed and thorough.


Price: £328.99

Secondhand Maggini Copy Secondhand Maggini Copy Ref: SHVLNMAG

Labelled 'Ernst Kessler, Berlin 1942'
Length of Back 14 1/8 inches
Lower Bout 8 1/16 inches
Upper Bout 6 5/8 inches

Ebony Fittings, Double Purfling
Has an extra turn in the scroll
Varnish is of an amber brown

Condition: There are some marks in the varnish on the back, no cracks or splits anywhere.
Setup with good quality bridge and Dominant strings.
Please click on the image to see a more detailed view of the front and back 

Price: £295.00

Secondhand Strad Copy Secondhand Strad Copy Ref: SHVLNSACC

Labelled 'Simone Fernando Sacconi' However we believe this to be untrue
Length of Back 14 3/16 inches
Lower Bout 8 1/4 inches
Upper Bout 6 5/8 inches

Ebony Fittings,
Varnish is of a yellow brown colour

Condition: There are some minor marks in the varnish, no cracks or splits anywhere.
Setup with good quality bridge and Dominant strings.
Please click on the image to see a more detailed view of the front and back

Price: £600.00

We aim to keep all violins on our site in stock, although not in all the fractional sizes.
All Violins are set up to a very high standard in our own workshop, and we are always pleased and able to assist with care and maintenence and any repair needed.
If you have any questions please phone us to talk to a specialist.
Order securely On-Line or Phone us on 023 9224 1567.
All prices include VAT wherever applicable. VAT details can be seen in the Cart. Delivery options and costs are shown in the Checkout.

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