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Vincent Bach Trumpet Mouthpieces

Courtney and Walker keep a large range of Vincent Bach Mouthpieces in stock for immediate delivery. We also have some older stock of less mainstream models that we are doing deals on.
These can be ordered securely online, purchased from us in person or please phone.

Bach Trumpet Mouthpieces Ref: trmp0001
Vincent Bach are one of leading companies in brass mouthpieces and offer a huge range to suit a wide variety of players and musical styles. Their 7C trumpet mouthpiece has for some time been the default mouthpiece used by many players, supplied with many new trumpet outfitds and copied by other manufacturers.

A trumpet mouthpiece consists of four main components; rim, cup, throat and backbore.
It is important when choosing a mouthpiece to get the right combination of these components to get the most out of your playing.

Variations in the mouthpieces rim, cup and throat create the following effects:


Wide: Increases endurance
Narrow: Improves flexibility and range
Round: Improves Comfort
Sharp: Improves brilliance, precision of attack


Large: Increases volume and control
Small: Relieves fatigue and weakness
Deep: Darkens Tone, especially in low register
Shallow: Brightens tone, improves response especially in high register


Large: Increases blowing freedom, volume, tone, sharpens high register
(Largest sizes also sharpen low register)
Small: Increases resistance, endurance, brilliance flattens higher register

In doubt choosing the correct mouthpiece for you?
Here are a couple of the most popular models!

This is one of the most widely used mouthpieces and is supplied with nearly all sudent and intermediate instruments. It has a brilliant tone and its smooth rounded edge means that it is comfortable to play on.
Great all round mouthpiece across the registers.

1 1/2 C
This mouthpiece has a larger diameter with a medium cup suiting those with a more muscular embrochure. Great for all round use with intemediate to professional players.

Here are some of the most popular models

Instrument Model no.
depth of cup
aprrox cup dia.
Rim Shape
Trumpet 1
medium thin
for players with a thin robust embourchure
Trumpet 1C
Medium wide
Good for all-round use
Trumpet 1 1/4C
medium Wide
Large cup for powerful Trumpeters
Trumpet 1 1/2C
Medium wide
Good for all-round use
Trumpet 2C
Medium Wide
Gives a powerful,brilliant tone for players with a good embourchure
Trumpet 3C
Medium wide
a fairly large cup. Good for all-round use
Trumpet 5C
Medium Wide,well rounded
For players with a strong embouchure with a lively and rich tone
Trumpet 6B
Medium Deep
Medium wide,not too sharp
Produces a beautiful,ringing tone with good response
Trumpet 6C
Medium Wide
clear tone cuts through bands and orchestras
Trumpet 7A
Very Deep
Medium wide,lowered toward outside
Warm,melodious, rich tone like a soprano voice
Trumpet 7B
Medium Deep
Medium Wide, lowered towards outside
Full sound in the low and middle registers
Trumpet 7C
Medium wide, lowered toward outside
Medium wide,lowered toward outside
By far the most widley used model, preferred by school musicians and by artists
Trumpet 9D
Medium shallow
Medium Wide, lowered towards outside
recommended for the high register
Trumpet 11C
Medium wide
little effort to play in the high register
Trumpet 11 1/2C
Medium Wide
Brilliant, Scintillating tone with easy response

  Please note we are currently out of stock of the 3C & 1C

We also have stock of many other models of Vincent Bach trumpet Mouthpiece. If you are not certain which mouthpiece is best for you and your style of playing, please contact us to discuss. You can also try out mouthpieces.


Price: £55.00
Qty: Model

Bach Trumpet Mouthpieces Old Stock Bach Trumpet Mouthpieces Old Stock Ref: VbTptMpOldStk

The following comprises some of our old stock, some have been used for demonstration purposes. Most are the less usual models but will be usefull for some players or specific styles of playing.
Most items in this stock are single items only, so we can only supply one.
All items are in good but not pristine condition.

This item is shipped carriage Free (mainland UK) 

Price: £24.00


Trumpet Mouthpiece Pouch Trumpet Mouthpiece Pouch Ref: Trmppouch

A black leather mouthpiece pouch with soft lining from Vincent Bach
This pouch can be carried or mounted on a belt
Holds two mouthpieces. 

Price: £13.78

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Can't find what you are looking for ? Call us we can obtain most makes & models!

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