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Why is string instrument set-up important ?

There are many adjustments on a stringed instrument that change both the ease of playing and the sound quality.

String Placement In most instances, the strings should be evenly spaced at the top nut and bridge. The overall spacing is done to traditional measurements which varies little. The height of the strings above the fingerboard is important as it will affect ease of playing as well as the overall tone of the instrument. The inner string heights are particularly important to allow these strings to be bowed cleanly.

Bridge Fit The feet of the bridge should be an exact fit to the top of the violin as well as being fitted to keep the angle at the back of the bridge at 90°. This is rarely the case with student instruments from factory. The bridge should also be thinned to specific dimensions which will aid getting the best sound. Again,this is rarely done from factory.
Why is string instrument set-up important ?
Fingerboard Shape is critical to a clean sound. It is a compound curve that often requires adjustment in the workshop. This is why we would prefer instruments to have an ebony fingerboard which can be adjusted and re-finished more easily than the cheaper hardwood painted fingerboard.

Sound Post A precise fit and position within the instrument body plays a major role in sound production. A correctly placed and fitted sound post will help an instrument to produce tone freely. A badly fitted soundpost can damage instruments as well as reducing the sound quality.
string2 Strings make a large contribution to the quality of sound. Many instruments benefit from a particular type of string to release their full potential. We offer selected upgrade string sets for particular instruments.

Pegs must be fitted to turn smoothly but firmly. This allows the player to easily adjust and maintain the tuning of the instrument. Often pegs on new instruments are slightly oval and need to be adjusted so that they are perfectly round. After this, the peg is fitted precisely, sometimes reaming the peg hole as well. Lastly a compound is carefully applied and
adjusted with other substances until the desired control of the peg is achieved.

All C&W instruments benefit from a detailed and highly professional setup that includes checks on the above items and further quality controls. We regularly work on high quality instruments as well, which gives us a huge insight into the setting up of student instruments so you can be sure that an instrument from us will be presented at it's best.

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