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Classical Guitar Strings

D'Addario Classic Nylon Set D'Addario Classic Nylon Set Ref: gstr0011

D'Addario Clasic Nylon Guitar Strings.
Clear nylon trebles, silver plated wound basses.
Normal Tension

Great value strings with a good sound! 

Price: £6.64

D'Addario Pro Arte Set D'Addario Pro Arte Set Ref: gstr0012

D'addario Pro Arte Classical Guitar Strings.
Clear nylon trebles and silverplated wound basses.
Available in three tensions.

An amazing sound, great for a wide range of guitars! 

Price: £8.68

Augustine  Set Augustine Set Ref: gstr0013

Clear nylon trebles and silverplated wound basses.
Available in three tensions
All three sets have the same gauge treble Strings (G,B & E). The bass strings (E,A & D) are gauged either High, medium or low tension.
Blue packet for high tension bass strings
Red packet for medium tension bass strings
Black for low tension bass strings.

use the Blue on fractional (small) sizes of guitar, this helps bring back the bass resonance.
The red are for general use on most instruments and the black are warm with an easy response-
good for higher end instruments.


Price: £7.14

Augustine Gold Set Augustine Gold Set Ref: gstr0014

Augustine nylon strings for classical guitar.
Clear nylon trebles and gold wound basses.
Normal Tension.

Price: £8.16

Martin Classical Set Martin Classical Set Ref: gstr0015

Martin nylon guitar strings with ball end.
Silver plated wound basses with nylon trebles.
High Tension.

Ball end makes a classical easy to re-string! 

Price: £6.13

Savarez Nylon Set Savarez Nylon Set Ref: gstr0016

Savarez Nylon Guitar Strings.
Silverplated wound basses and nylon trebles.

High quality strings available in 3 tensions. 

Price: £9.14

Savarez Alliance HT Classic Set Savarez Alliance HT Classic Set Ref: gstr0017

Savarez Alliance HT Classics feature trebles made from synthetic fibre which improves the characteristics of the treble string.
The basses are wound on a nylon multifiliment core to give a powerful brilliant sound.
Normal Tension 

Price: £12.20

Rotosound Superia Ball End Set Rotosound Superia Ball End Set Ref: gstr0018

Rotosound nylon guitar strings with ball ends for easy re-stringing.
Normal Tension


Price: £6.12

Rotosound Superia  Set Rotosound Superia Set Ref: gstr0019

Rotosound nylon guitar strings.
Normal Tension 

Price: £6.12

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