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Acoustic Guitar Strings

Martin Bronze Set Martin Bronze Set Ref: gstr0001

Martin 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar strings
Available in gauges 10 - 13.

Price: £5.62

Martin Bronze set (3 x Packs) Ref: gstr0001B
3 sets of these great strings for just £12.00 !
Plus Free Carriage in the UK 

Price: £12.52

Martin Phosphor Bronze Set Martin Phosphor Bronze Set Ref: gstr0002

Martin phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings.
Deep rich basses and clear trebles.
Available in Gauges 010-013 

Price: £6.64

Martin Acoustic SP Strings Set Martin Acoustic SP Strings Set Ref: gstr0004

Martin SP Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar StrIngs.
SP Strings are designed for maximum tone and longevity.
Great looking and sounding strings!  

Price: £8.16

Martin Silk and Steels Set Martin Silk and Steels Set Ref: gstr0009

Martin Silk and Steel Acoustic Guitar Strings
A softer alternative than bronze, ideal for people learning.
Gives a very mellow sound.
String Gauges 0115, 014, 023, 028, 038, 047.

Price: £8.16

D'Addario Bronze Guitar Strings Set D'Addario Bronze Guitar Strings Set Ref: gstr0003

D'Addario 85/15 Great American Bronze Guitar strings.
Available in gauges 011-013. 

Price: £6.38

D'Addario Phospher Bronze Set D'Addario Phospher Bronze Set Ref: gstr0005

D'Addario Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings.
Great sounding strings in an air sealed package.
Available in guages 010-012  

Price: £8.16

D'Addario EXP Coated Set D'Addario EXP Coated Set Ref: gstr0006

D'addario EXP phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings.
EXP strings have a special coating to extend the life of the string.
Available guages 010-012.

Price: £14.81

D'Addario Flat Tops Set D'Addario Flat Tops Set Ref: gstr0010

D'addario Semi-Flat Phosphor Bronze Acoustic guitar string.
These strings have a flatter surface to reduce fingure noise.
String Gauges 012, 016, 024, 032, 042, 053 

Price: £11.18

Roto Sound Phosphor Bronze Set Roto Sound Phosphor Bronze Set Ref: gstr0007

Roto Sound Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings
Available Gauges 009-013

Price: £6.64

Roto Sound Country Gold Set Roto Sound Country Gold Set Ref: gstr0008

Roto Sound Phosphor Bronze Country Gold Acoustic Guitar Strings.
Piano string design gives great sustain.
Available guages 009-012

Price: £8.16

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