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Bb Clarinet Ligatures

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Economy Bb Clarinet Lig Economy Bb Clarinet Lig Ref: Economy Clarinet Lig

Good quality Clarinet Ligature
Traditional Design with 2 screws
Made in USA

If you need a cap for use with this ligature, please seee the metal clarinet mouthpiece cap in our clarinet mouthpiece section.

Price: £8.05


Rovner SS-1R Clarinet Ligature Rovner SS-1R Clarinet Ligature Ref: Rovner SS-1R

Born out of a desire for "better performance and a simpler design delivered at a less cost", the Star Series ligature epitomizes the "less is more" theory behind Rovner's next generation products. It's beauty is in it's simplicity and in it's extraordinary low price! Resonant and free-playing, Now Rovner innovation is affordable to most every player.

One of the advantages of the Rovner fabric style ligature is that they are not dislodged from the mouthpiece easily. This means that the reed stays in place more easily when dissembling the mouthpiece from the barrell.

The Mouthpiece Cap is not included.
Some standard metal caps will fit this model, but some metal caps are just a little too small.
The cap that definately fits this is the Rovner no 1 cap. 

Price: £15.12


Rovner L5 Bb Clarinet Ligature Rovner L5 Bb Clarinet Ligature  Ref: Rovner L5 Ligature

The Rovner L5 Light Ligature is designed for the player who desires a more contemporary style of playing. The ligature assists the performer in seeking amore responsive and free playing sound. Jazz musicians especially appreciate this fact, allowing them the opportinity to concentrate more on their music.

Airy, broad, open tone, somewhat brighter than the 'Dark'


Price: £20.64


Rovner 1R Bb Clarinet Ligature Rovner 1R Bb Clarinet Ligature  Ref: Rovner 1R Ligature

The Rovner 1R Dark Ligature assists in producing a full, centered tone. One can compare the results of this ligature with the age-old technology of the string ligature. Enjoyed especially by classical performers for its warm sound, the Rovner Dark is our most favored and top selling ligature

Warm, solid, open and centered, a darker sound


Price: £20.64


The Rovner MkIII Bb Clarinet Ligature The Rovner MkIII Bb Clarinet Ligature Ref: Rovner MkIII (C-1R)

The Rovner MKIII is a premium ligature that gives greater weight & substance to the tone as compared to the " Dark" & "Light" models. 

Price: £25.02


Clarinet Ligature Rovner Versa Clarinet Ligature Rovner Versa Ref: Rovner Lig Versa

Available for both clarinets and saxophones, this ligature embodies much of the tonal "center" of a good metal ligature, but with the flexibility and freedom that are the hallmark of Rovner Ligatures. Simply put, no other ligature feels this good! The Versa Model offers a great sense of playing confidence derived from the feeling of complete control and accurate, intensely focused intonation. Great sonority reigns in the bottom two-thirds of the low register on both clarinet and saxophone. Notes that normally buzz irritatingly achieve a new level of tonal purity and roundness.  

Price: £44.92

Register breaks, up or down, take place with nearly the same ease as movement to adjacent notes. Many reeds that wouldn't play are instantly turned into great performers. The depth of sound of this ligature reveals how many other ligatures are shallow-sounding. Supplied Complete with Mouthpiece cap.
What's the basis for this giant leap forward in ligature performance?
· Internal ribbing that floats the ligature body on the mouthpiece

· Very thin stainless steel rails supporting the reed

· New free-floating metal fittings that produce better seating of ligature and reed

· A new Polymer-impregnated, double textured ligature body

Click on the image for a closer look

Rovner Clarinet Ligature Versa X-1R Rovner Clarinet Ligature Versa X-1R Ref: Ligature Versa X-1R

The Rovner Versa X Clarinet Ligature features a Dark, rich and focused, sound.
Versatility is provided by having repositionable flaps which can be put over or under the cradle.
This is one of Rovner's darkest ligature's when the flaps are positioned over the cradle
which is made of a high grade metal alloy to help achieve the best sound possible.

Exposing the cradle to the reed adds brilliance and presence while maintaining a rich, centered core

Rovner cap included


Price: £35.54


clarinet Ligature Rovner Legacy clarinet Ligature Rovner Legacy Ref: ligatureLG-1R

Extends your performance boundaries!
Superior articulation
Locked-in intonation
Unsurpassed harmonic richness
Delivers great cut and projection
Play your softest notes with subtle nuance

 Click for Big Pic

Price: £27.79


Clarinet Ligature Rovner Platinum Clarinet Ligature Rovner Platinum Ref: LigatureP-1R

Awaiting new stock

FUNCTION MEETS FORM. Looking more like artistic jewelry than a woodwind accessory, this new ligature utilizes Rovner's exclusive Mass Loaded TM technology, featuring weighted elements which tune the ligature's resonance band below the pass band of the instrument.

No other ligature has a big, warm, and responsive tone with such a phenomenal degree of control. Played softly (pianissimo) or loudly (triple forte), this ligature effortlessly yields a noticeable evenness of scale. It will bolster and solidify the lower register of both clarinets and saxophones, and saxophonists will also notice enhanced facility and response when playing the very bottom notes. Capable of converting a thin, bodiless sound into something with substance and warmth, the Platinum will simply amaze you..

Fits Plastic and Hard Rubber Bb Clarinet Mouthpieces
Cap is Included Click for Big Pic

Price: £54.82


Vandoren Bb Clarinet Optimum Ligature (plastic cap) Vandoren Bb Clarinet Optimum Ligature (plastic cap) Ref: Clarinet Optimum Lig

The Vandoren Optimum Bb Clarinet Ligature gives a warm and beautiful sound with lots of room for precision control.

The single screw has both a left and right thread to enable precise and rapid tightening of the ligature. This type of screw mechanism tightens both sides of the ligature equally. There is no pulling the reed to one side when tightening which helps keeps the reed aligned.

The design of the reed plates also means that neither reed nor ligature are compressed at the sides.  

Price: £60.04


Vandoren Bb Clarinet Ligature (Silver Plated Cap Vandoren Bb Clarinet Ligature (Silver Plated Cap Ref: VanOptLigBbCltSilCap

As above product but with Silver Plated Cap (instead of Plastic) 

Price: £80.59

Easily adjusts for any situation

3 interchangeable pressure plates adjust to the sound, style, and musical piece you're performing.

Expression with freedom

The collar around the mouthpiece remains independent of the area in contact with the reed, allowing the vibrations of the reed to develop without interference.

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